Moving Individual Labels

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Moving Individual Labels

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In this exercise, you will move and reset the location of existing individual labels.
For more information, see the AutoCAD Civil 3D Help topic Modifying Labels in a Drawing.
To move labels
1 In the AutoCAD Civil 3D window, click File menu ➤ Open. Navigate to the tutorial drawings folder
(page 201). Open the drawing Intro-3.dwg. Zoom to the area around the alignment curve through circle
2 Click the label at 6+00. Notice that square grips appear at all station labels along the alignment. This
indicates that all labels in the group are selected. Press Esc to deselect the labels.
3 Ctrl+click the station labels at both 6+00 and 7+00. Each label is highlighted and a square grip is
displayed. Notice that square grips only appear at the station labels you selected.
4 Right-click and click Flip Label. Both labels flip to the other side of the alignment. You can use this
method to flip any selected labels.
5 Ctrl+click the label that marks the beginning of the curve (PC).
6 Click the square grip on this label. The square turns red, indicating that you can move it.
7 Move the pointer up and left. Click the location where you want to place the label.
8 Press Esc to deselect the label. Notice that an arrow is created, pointing back to the original location.
Use this method to move a label to a location where it does not overlap other drawing features.
9 Ctrl+click the label you moved at the point of curvature. Notice that a round grip appears.
10 Click the round grip. The label returns to its original location.
11 Ctrl+click the two labels you flipped. Each label is highlighted showing the square grip.
12 Right-click and click Reset Label. Both labels are reset to their original location.


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