Overriding Label Text

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Overriding Label Text

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In this exercise, you will override the text in a single label. This is useful for adding text to an individual
label to mark a point of interest without modifying all labels that share a style.
For more information, see the AutoCAD Civil 3D Help topic Overriding Label Text.
This exercise continues from Exercise 3: Controlling Label Appearance Using Layers (page 15).
To override the text of a label
1 Zoom and pan to the area around stations 12+00 and 13+00.
NOTE Layer 0 must be turned on in order for these station labels to be visible. For more information, see
Exercise 3: Controlling Label Appearance Using Layers (page 15).
2 Ctrl+click the station label PC: 12+47.35. Right-click and select Edit Label Text.
3 In the Text Component Editor - Label Text dialog box, place your cursor at the end of the equation in
the preview pane. Press Enter.
4 Enter NORTHING: in the preview pane.
5 In the Properties list, select Northing. Click to move the Northing formula, then place your cursor
at the end of the equation and press Enter.
6 Enter EASTING: in the preview pane.
Exercise 4: Overriding Label Text | 17
7 In the Properties list, select Easting. Click to move the Easting formula.
8 Click OK.
Notice that the label has been updated to show the Northing and Easting values at the point of curvature.
The other labels at the points of curvature and tangency have maintained their original style settings.
9 To return the label to its original style settings, Ctrl+click the label. Right-click and select Clear Label
Text Override.
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