Generic AutoCAD Compatibility

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Generic AutoCAD Compatibility

Post  abid on Mon May 12, 2008 9:15 pm

Ease of Use
A clear, user-friendly interface includes on-line help and informative on-screen messages. An intuitive program, 3DSMART automatically checks for mistakes ensuring a high level of accuracy in your work.

Easy installation and flexible licensing
Easy installation and flexible licensingóInstall 3DSMART on a network or individual workstations and only pay for the licensing options you require. Our technicians will make sure you have all the support you need to get up and running with confidence.

Project Management Tools
Organize project settings and data effortlessly with Project Manager. Project coordinators will use this feature to control every aspect of the project including assigning personnel, specifying their permissions, creating project directories, setting the BOM parameters and more.

Attention to model and drawing aesthetics
With special attention paid to the aesthetics of each symbol and component, 3DSMART ensures you get the best-looking drawings possible.

Extensive Component Coverage
With 3DSMART thereís no need to search endlessly for required symbols or components. For every standard used by the applications, such as the ANSI standard, there is a complete library of components readily available as part of your software.

Multiple AutoCAD Version Support
To minimize the need to upgrade frequently, 3DSMART works with more than one version of AutoCAD. The latest release, 3DSMART V2007 works with AutoCAD 2004, 2005, 2006, and 2007.

Innovative Menu System
3DSMARTís menu system provides quick and easy access to the tools you need and has been shown to be far more efficient than AutoCADís standard toolbars. The tab menu keeps tool buttons visible at all times and contains related groups of components of functions so you can quickly find the commands you need.

Comprehensive CAD Functionality
3DSMART is designed to simplify the process of producing 3D models, and each application includes many timesaving features that make modeling less cumbersome and more productive. For instance, 3DSMART automatically produces 2D deliverables, including plans, sections and isometrics. Whatís more, 3DSMART makes all of AutoCADís functionality and toolbars available to the user, and it resets the AutoCAD profile when you exit the program so it doesnít interfere with AutoCAD or other third-party programs.

Metric and English Units Support
With 3DSMART you can choose between Metric or English units, or you can even use mixed units when the pipe sizes are set in inches and the drawing units are in metric. Pipe sizes are also available in Nominal Pipe Size (NPS) and Outside Diameter (OD) formats.

Spec Driven Piping Design
Create custom pipe specs with Specification Managerís source database that includes an extensive array of fittings in a wide variety of ratings and materials. To get you started quickly, all piping applications ship with three generic carbon steel ANSI pipe specs for 150#, 300# and 600# ratings. Spec Generatorís source database also includes ANSI pipe ratings from 150# to 2500# for sizes ranging from 1/8Ē to 80Ē or 3mm to 2000mm.

Specification Manager also enables you to:

Create, copy, delete or edit specs
View component libraries
Modify component descriptions and dimensions
Add new material and other options to the 3DSMART source database
Rules Driven Piping Design
With Rules Based Connectivity, 3DSMART ensures piping design accuracy while still enabling you to work quickly. When connecting components, the program automatically evaluates many parameters to check piping connection rules are being followed such as pipe size, line number match, pipe rating match and wall thickness match. And in cases where you do need to bend the rules, the program will allow an override but only after an alert is given.

Material Reporting Capability
3DSMARTís Bill of Material Generator helps you manage each projectís material reporting effectively and efficiently. Reports can be generated for single 3D models, a group of models or an entire project. Customize your reports by specifying which materials are to be included or excluded and select whether you want the final output formatted for the Internet, a spreadsheet or a database interface. You can also insert the BOM into an AutoCAD drawing and customize the BOM report fields and format to conform to your company standards.

Learn more about 3DSMARTís material reporting tools.

Free Updates
With a commitment to continuing to improve our products, PROCAD makes the latest fixes and newest features available on our website at no additional cost to our customers.

Generic AutoCAD Compatibility
3DSMART allows you to open and query 3D models with generic AutoCAD. As long as they have AutoCAD they can view and modify the drawings, ensuring full portability of the designs youíve created with 3DSMART.

Automated Isometric Generation
3DSMART uses Aliasí ISOGEN or I-GEN software for isometric production. As the industry standard for generating piping isometric drawings, this easy-to-use software utilizes a wizard to guide the user through simple steps needed to generate isometrics and to automatically view the output files in AutoCAD.

Automated 2D Deliverables Generation
With 3DSMART Modeler you can quickly and easily generate 2D plans and sections in AutoCAD format drawings where dimensions and annotations can be added. A wizard simply guides the user to select the limits and area of the model to be represented in the 2D plan or section drawing.


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