Using the Object Viewer

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Using the Object Viewer

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In this tutorial, you will learn how to display a surface in three dimensions (3D), and view it in the Object
For more information, see the AutoCAD Civil 3D Help topic Using the Object Viewer.
This tutorial continues from the Changing the Display of An Object (page 11) tutorial.
To view a surface in 3D using the Object Viewer
1 Change the surface style to 3D – Elevations, using the sequence of operations in the Changing the
Display of An Object (page 11) tutorial.
2 Click the surface in the drawing to select it.
3 Click General menu ➤ Utilities ➤ Object Viewer.
4 In the upper left of the Object Viewer window, select Realistic from the list of view types.
5 In the viewing area of the Object Viewer, click and move the mouse to rotate the surface, viewing it
from different angles to see the topography in three dimensions.
6 To pan, zoom, rotate, or change the appearance of the surface, select other icons in the top row of the
Object Viewer window.
7 In the viewing area of the Object Viewer, right-click and select Visual Styles ➤ Conceptual. The surface
image appears in a transparently shaded view with all lines visible. The Realistic visual style displays
the surface using the current style’s render material.
8 Click and drag the lower right corner of the Object Viewer window to change the size of the window
and the displayed surface.
9 Close the Object Viewer window to return to the 2D plan view of the surface.
Further exploration: See which surface components are visible in the other surface styles, then use the
Object Viewer to view how the surface components affect the 3D view.


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