Using Labels

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Using Labels

Post  Admin on Wed Apr 23, 2008 8:58 pm

In this tutorial, you will learn how to change the location and format of object labels in AutoCAD Civil 3D.
Object labels in AutoCAD Civil 3D include types that are placed automatically and others that you can place
manually at points of interest. Sometimes, automatic labels overlap other objects and need to be moved.
Also, you may want to make some of them look different from others in the set. In these exercises you will
learn how to do these tasks.
You can move most labels by simply selecting and dragging them. When you move a label, a line and a
direction arrow is automatically created, pointing back to the precise point annotated by the label. Also,
labels along a linear object, such as a horizontal alignment, can be flipped to the other side of the line.
The easiest way to change the format of a label is by changing its style. If a suitable style is not available,
you can copy an existing style that is similar to what you want, make the required changes, and save it as
a new style. Another option is to change the attributes of the existing style. This action requires some
forethought, because your changes affect all objects in the drawing that use the style.
Label visibility may be controlled in several ways. First, a labelís visibility is dependant on its parent object.
When the parent objectís layer is either turned off or frozen, its labels are also turned off or frozen. The
labelís style may also control its visibility. The visibility of a labelís individual components, or the entire
label object, may be turned on or off in the style. An individual label may also be selected and turned on or
off using the Properties palette.


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